The slitscan technic is a photographic and cinematographic process where a moveable slide, into which a slit has been cut, is inserted between the camera and the subject to be photographed (wikipedia)

Since 2010 I develop a video software based on this technic.

The result, what this software produces, is higly depending on the input image and the settings

Slitscan Principle



First experimentation/rehearsal with live video input. With Howool Baek (dance) and Matthias Erian (music)


Adaptation of the installation patch for a live audivisual set. With Matthias Erian.

Our first concert was in Spektrum Berlin, on January 2016.

We played at New Adits, on December 2016.


I started working with sound artist Matthias Erian on a multichannel installation: ICI.

The installation was presented in the gallery Hilbert Raum, Berlin, in june 2015.

The interface is also part of the installation and represents an additional video output. It shows the source video and offers an insight on the processes and parameters involved in the production of the image and sound:


Recording while patching for the automatic / installation version with Matthias Erian.:


I use the software during a LAB with Christine Bonansea in EDEN***** Studio 1, Berlin.



I use the software with video recording of Butoh dancer Mayumi Fukuzaki. In 2014 I recorded 2 other Butoh dancers: Michiyasu Furutani and Yoshihiro Shimomura.



My first experiments with slitscan. As usual, my tool is Max/Msp/Jitter.The forum provided me with various methods and technics. After fiddling around quite a bit I arrived to a satisfying version and kept experimenting with different source, still or video.

In 2011 I used it for "37°N by 122°W" a performance and video collaboration with Kathleen Hermesdorf / Alternativa and Christine Bonansea.