Schmutziges Licht

A project with Schahram Poursoudmand.

Schahram Poursoudmand: Composer/Music-/Sound- & Digital Artist / DE

Yoann Trellu: Video & Visual Artist / FR

Schmutziges Licht (Lichtphon Art-Avant X) is an abstract, poetic, visual sound drama. Mysterious, engaging, powerful and subtle at the same time.

Metamorphoses - time, form, image- and sound-transformation in existence.

A visual and tonal symbiosis of microcoded, interconnected light-/dust particles, residual impulses and dissecting short-time cuts in cracked soundscapes, interference structures and layered sound cells.

Schmutziges Licht (Lichtphon Art-Avant X) is transformation in the beauty of decay and nonexistence. In the change of sight and hearing, reality and the levels of being resonate. Form and formlessness become inseparable. The unknown emerges, moves, penetrates into the observer, into us - becomes conscious and existent.

Inner perception is infinite.

Schmutziges Licht (Lichtphon Art-Avant X) is a complex image-/video-/sound vision. The artistic and poetic position on the perception of the unknown in the existentiality of the selfhood - an eternally lasting word in silence. A complex, uncompromising, digital avant-garde work and a German-French co-production by the experimental artists Schahram Poursoudmand (Composer / Music- / Sound- & Digital Artist) / (DE) & Yoann Trellu (Video- / Visual Artist) / (FR ).