Only Human

Only Human, a solo performance by Christine Bonansea.

First Look | Work in progress. January 5-7 2017.
JACK, 505 1/2 Waverly Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11200

Conceived, choreographed and performed by Christine Bonansea
Original music composed and performed by Nicole Carroll
Lighting design by Elizabeth Mak
Photography by Robert Flynt
Graphic programming by Yoann Trellu


Asteria is a choreographic project by choregrapher Christine Bonansea.

In August 2016 we worked and presented the 5th iteration of the piece in Dock 11, Berlin.

Artistic Director: Christine Bonansea
Dancer / Performer : Christine Bonansea, Yuko Matsuyama, Yuko Kaseki, Yuri Shimaoka, Beth Graczyk, Phoebe Osborne, Amy Gernux, Abby Crain, Barbara Topi, Maryanna Lachman
Sound Composition and Performance: Jorge Bachmann and Danishta Rivero
Graphic programming: Yoann Trellu

Production: Christine Bonansea company With the support of Dock11 Eden Berlin, Artscape – (Toronto Canada) artistic residency and the San Francisco International Festival 2015.