Yoann Trellu

1999 - 2003: first live visual in Nantes, France / creates short, abstract, video poems.

2003: moves to Berlin where and becomes a member of Salon Bruit, participating regularly to concerts and performances.

2004: first dance production experience.

Since 2004: worked on numerous stage productions with more than 10 different directors in Europe, USA and Asia.

Yoann Trellu's work for stage is specific to each production and includes video shooting, animation, editing, post production and software development.

Yoann Trellu’s work is mostly abstract and stems from his early photographic work, using the production line of an image (from camera to print) as a tool to alter reality, to extend details and moments into their own world. Algorithmic and random processes are important tools for this practice, giving rules, limitations and (unlimited) variations on which to build further.